Nhận định về kĩ thuật hàng tuần của Gold (Oil-Gold)

Gold made another record high at 1577.4 last week but reversed after hitting medium term channel resistance. Initial bias remains mildly on the downside this week for 50% retracement of 1309.1 to 1577.4 at 1443.3. On the upside, above 1505.5 minor resistance will turn bias neutral and bring recovery first. But upside should be limited below 1577.4 and bring another fall to extend the correction from there.
In the bigger picture, a short term top is at least made at 1577.4 after gold hits medium term rising channel resistance. Nevertheless, there is not indication of long term trend reversal yet. Deeper pull back would possibly be seen back into 1309.1/1432.5 support zone. We'd anticipate strong support from medium term channel (now at 1390) to contain downside and finally bring up trend resumption through 1600 psychological level after consolidations. However, sustained trading below 1400 level will raise the possibility of trend reversal and will turn focus back to 1309.1 support for confirmation.
In the long term picture, rise from 681 is treated as resumption of the long term up trend from 1999 low of 253. 100% projection of 253 to 1033.9 from 681 at 1462 is already met but there is no sign of reversal yet. Sustained trading above 1462.6 would possibly pave the way towards 161.8% projection at 1945.6 in the longer term. However, break of 1309.1 support will indicate that a medium term top is at least formed and correction form 1577.4 would then likely head back to 55 months EMA (now at 1033).
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